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2023 Clerk of the Year Recipient

Debbie Jermann, MMC

Clerk of the Board for the C-TRAN

On March 16th, during the Annual Banquet at the Skamania Lodge, now Immediate Past President Shawn Campbell presented the 2023 Clerk of the Year award to…. Debbie Jermann, MMC!!! Deb is the Clerk of the Board for C-Tran. As most everyone knows, Deb served on the WMCA Board in many roles but most notably as our COVID-19 President. Deb has over 30 years of public service in Oregon and Washington.

Debbie was nominated by C-Tran Executive Officer Shawn Donaghy and C-Tran Deputy Clerk of the Board/Labor Relations Administrator Morgan Stubbe and Deborah Estrada, MMC. They wrote, “The relationships with Debbie’s respective staff have made partnerships between our office and our elected teams the closest that it has been in the history of our agency. Likewise, within her role as the Clerk, she continues to excel at working for both our Board directly, but also the staff associated with our elected officials. A prime example of this is our I-5 Interstate Bridge Replacement Project, a multi-billion-dollar mega-project between two states requiring the agency to be front and center. Debbie’s network has allowed C-Tran to not only be at the forefront of this project but has kept us in full communication with all the stakeholders.”

Additionally, “Debbie’s work in the realm of Public Records and Records Management has propelled C-Tran into the modern day. Digitizing all of C-Tran’s records has streamlined records processes as well as reduced storage for certain documents on-site. This has also created an expediency for Public Records Requests to the agency. Partnerships with local media as well as agencies that request critical data are now able to be fulfilled at a much more consistent and faster pace than in years past,” stated her nominees.

With over 30 years of public service Debbie’s depth of knowledge is unrivaled. If you have a question, problem, or just need a good laugh, she has always been the go-to Clerk!

Debbie has served on several WMCA committees throughout her career — most notably the Fundraising Committee where she has consistently and enthusiastically committed herself to raising thousands for WMCA scholarships. Debbie regularly invents non-traditional ways to create new and exciting auction items. Whether choosing to bring several items for auction, outbidding (and overbidding) zealous peers, negotiating on behalf of WMCA. She is a FUNdraising Champion!

Debbie has been an outstanding member of WMCA helping any other agencies that would benefit from her advice and understanding of the profession. She continues to study and improve her craft daily, looking for opportunities to share current ideas or improve the status-quo. In addition to WMCA she also helps local agencies, as well as the Washington State Transit Association, the American Public Transportation Association, the Bus Coalition and many other critical organizations.

Debbie is an exceptional leader, mentor, friend, and clerk that has earned the respect of her peers, mentees, and the entire WMCA membership.

Congratulations, Deb, and Thank you for your selfless service to WMCA and the Clerk World in general! You truly are an amazing person!

Past Recipients

2023 - Debbie Jermann, C-TRAN

2022 - Gina Anderson, Woodland

2021 - Bonnie Wilkins, Des Moines

2020 - Alice Attwood, Tonasket

2019 - Deborah Estrada, Mercer Island

2018 - Christy O'Flaherty, Tukwila

2017 - Diana Quinn. Algona

2016 - Mari Ripp, Woodland

2015 - Dee Roberts, South Bend

2014 - Carol Etgen, Fife

2013 - Alice Bush, Lakewood

2012 - Ali Spietz, Mercer Island

2011 - Margo Tackett, Westport

2010 - Pam Kolacy, Port Townsend

2009 - Cheryl Proffitt-Schmidt, North Bend

2008 - Virginia Olsen, Mountlake Terrace

2007 - Terri Pfister, Spokane

2006 - Cindy Aldous, Marcus

2005 - Sharon Mattioli, Shoreline

2004 - Doris Sorum, Tacoma

2003 - Agnes Bennick, Yelm

2002 - Kelly Hennessey, Mill Creek

2001 - Roland Signett, Ferndale

2000 - Pam Olsen, Brewster

1999 - Diane Underwood, Cashmere

1998 - Linda Ruehle, Issaquah

1997 - Linda Alvar, Lynnwood

1996 - Margery Price, Kennewick

1995 - Mable Knowles, Waterville

1994 - Doris Schaible, Redmond

1993 - Marie O’Connell, Bellevue

1992 - Robin Wohlheuter, Auburn

1991 - Marie Jensen, Kent

1990 - Beverly Garvey, Prosser

Nomination Criteria

Applications due by Friday, February 2, 2024

Nomination Form

The criteria for the Clerk of the Year nomination include:

  • Nominees must be an Active member of WMCA (as defined in WMCA’s Bylaws).
  • In good standing (fully paid dues) for the preceding five consecutive years.
  • Anyone can make the nomination (elected official, supervisor, colleague, co-worker)
  • Members currently holding the office of President, President-Elect, Vice President, and Immediate Past President are not eligible for nomination.

The nominee must have made significant contributions or performed outstanding service to WMCA, to the profession of municipal clerk, and to his/her individual municipality in the following areas:

  • Leadership, organization, administration and communications.
  • Legislative and governing body procedures, records management, and public relations.
  • Outstanding service to WMCA, commitment to professional development and contribution to the clerk profession (time/length of service, service on WMCA committees, attendance at State conferences, attendance at other WMCA sanctioned training events, involvement in regional groups and/or IIMC committees).
  • Special projects, community activities, and volunteerism.

Nominations should be submitted in a confidential manner and in collaboration with the nominee’s elected officials, appointed officials, supervisor, or colleagues by including letter(s) of support.

The only WMCA members not eligible to be considered for nomination are those holding the office of President, President-Elect, Vice President and Past President. Don’t let this opportunity to recognize one of your peers pass you by!

The WMCA President selects the Clerk of the Year. The person who nominated the Clerk of the Year will be notified to determine how the recipients jurisdiction, as well as family/guest(s), will be provided the necessary information should they wish to attend the annual banquet.

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